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Sep. 2021

Keep Cooking

A cooperative multiplayer VR-Game I am currently developing as a schoolproject with my college Ian Memic. One player is playing in the VR-Space and the other player is manipulation the world with the companion pc app.
Apr. 2021

Magnetic North

Magnetic North as a small exploration game. For this game I mainly focused on asthetics & polish. Give it a try, you can download it below.
Dec. 2020


This is currently version 3 of my todo-list. A small side-project of mine, I always try to improve it, if I find the time to do so.
Aug. 2019


This is my first ever relased game. It is a casual mobile game. Not really much, but it has nice packaging (:

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I am currently 18 years old and enjoy education at HTL spengerasse in Vienna. I love tinkering and problem-solving. It’s hard for me to let go of an unsolved problem because I know there has to be a way to achieve it. If I have the chance to do something right I try my hardest to do so.


I always loved creating. Programming quickly became one of my greatest passions. Over the years I always stayed open to something new to broaden my horizon. Making my first website in 2016, looked awful but I kept trying and improving my webdev skillset, studying gamedesign and learning something new wherever I stood at the time.


a list of some mentionable milesones

Game Jams

You can find my Game-Jam games, as well as some other small games I made on my Itch.io page.
Feb. 2022

SPG - GameJam 2022 - Space Piss

There it is, once again, the yearly spengergassen gamjam game. This time the theme was "You are the powersource."
This is Space Piss. You are as an alien energy drink supplier. You fill your cans with your high-energy sweat. Don't stop, or you'll store too much energy and die. Distribute your delicious drink in the whole neighborhood!

There are many more samples, currently not listed on my new website.

If you want to see more samples of my past work, you can visit my old website below. But I warn you she isn't a beauty.